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Job shadowing – a good thing

Would you take the risk of studying for years to enter into a career which in essence, you had NO experience of? The job description may look fantastic on paper BUT the reality of the situation may be very different indeed. Job shadowing allows you to get a hands-on view of what the job environment is all about.
For example an air hostess/flight attendant may do a lot of travelling, but the job itself involves, long hours, little rest on the shift and serving customers.

Before even considering job shadowing though, first be sure the job you have chosen to shadow is one you are suitably matched to or interested in.  Why take a risk in choosing a career that in time, you won’t really enjoy, only resulting in you having to start from scratch again?

Be clever – get it done the first time round, choose the right subjects in school to follow a career that is suited to you ... get Career Navigated!