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A day in the life of a Head Coach FitTrack

 A day in the life of a Head Coach/FitTrack

Current Position:
Head Coach

Industry: Sport
Company: Fittrack
Years in position: 10+ years

Degree/Courses Studied: Sports Management
Institution: London International Business School
Graduated: 1997

How I chose my career?
No career guidance. Followed my passion for sports

My expectations:
Perceived idea is that I am a partner in a successful business. This is true but it takes a lot of drive and energy to keep the momentum of the business going. Without constant input from all partners involved the business would crumble quickly. The money is good and getting better but it took a long time to get to this point. It took a unique idea to be marketed by the right people. Our timing was good/ lucky.

A typical day for me includes:
Email, construction of training plans. Managing coaches. Managing/ meeting and brain storming with partners/ coaches. Follow up on development. Feedback to athletes and website users.

I love/hate this career choice because:
I enjoy this career because it was my brain child and its grown into something unique and special. Its extremely rewarding watching your idea turn into a fruitful business.

Contact me to answer questions on this career choice: