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A day in the life of a Project Director

A day in the life of a Project Director

Current Position:
Project Director

Industry: Banking
Years in position: 10+ years

Degree/Courses Studied: MBA
Institution: Edinburgh Business School
Graduated: 2009

How I chose my career?
Was asked to manage the EUR conversion in 1999 and developed from there.

My expectations:
I believed that I would be involved in strategy and major change. The reality is that there is some change, however there is a lot more administration, governance and assurance. My career has met my expectations financially, however it has fallen short with regards to change and impact that I make on an organisation.
Pros: You have the ability to influence and manage people and projects. Salary is normally good for strong PM and programme managers. It is a consultative function, so you do have a lot of change as you move through various projects.
Cons: Administrative intensive, negativity of the industry as a whole to change, labour intensive, time intensive.

A typical day for me includes:
50% people management including stakeholder management
30% Meetings, to agree approach, communication, direction and strategy
20% administration, governance, communication

I love/hate this career choice because:
Love my career choice because of the diversity and cross organisational exposure. Flexibility of change and the seniority of the programmes within an organisation. I hate my career as it is extremely administrative and stakeholder intensive, so every day you have to be "on your game" with your interaction with people, no matter what your mood or level of enthusiasm