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Scarce skills in South Africa ...

What is a scarce skill?
A scarce skill is a qualification or job for which there are too few available people in South Africa to do the job. Studying for a scarce skill, providing it is suited to you, would not only mean helping your country, but also helping yourself! Scarcity in a specific qualifications or job can be more

A day in the life of a Senior Programmer

A day in the life of a Senior Programmer

Current Position:
Senior Programmer

Industry: Internet / Marketing
Company: Flint+Tinder
Years in position: 5+years

Degree/Courses Studied: Adobe suite
Institution: Hirt & Carter College more

Learnerships, Internships and Graduate opportunities

The South African National Roads Agency (SANRAL) offers a scholarship programme for Grade 10, 11 or 12 learners who are interested in studying and pursuing a career in engineering, with particular reference to civil, transport, electronic/ more

Job shadowing – a good thing

Would you take the risk of studying for years to enter into a career which in essence, you had NO experience of? The job description may look fantastic on paper BUT the reality of the situation may be very different indeed. Job shadowing allows you to get a hands-on view of what the job environment is all about.
For example an air more

A day in the life of a Social Media / Digital PR Director

Current Position:
Social Media and Digital PR Director

Industry: Media/Communications
Company: Red Marketing
Years in position: less than 1 (recent move)

Degree/Courses Studies: Honours in Industrial Psychology (Bachelor of Social Science)
Institution: University of more

VEGA - School of Brand Leadership

Training at Vega is highly interactive, making for a great learning environment and real-world experience. All courses and degrees are taught within a brand building context.

We believe that successful and innovative brands require a combination of strategic intent and creativity, which is why we aim to incorporate wisdomwithmagic into more

Socal media - quick tips for posting better status updates:

Pinterest is the fastest-growing social network in the history of social media. Pinterest exploded onto the social media scene and shows no signs of slowing down. Not only has it attracted millions of users, it is also responsible for generating more referral traffic than Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ combined. Creating a strong presence on more

An explanation of school subjects

Accounting (designated subject): this is a practical, relevant subject designed to develop the logical thought processes of learners. Students are expected to apply their knowledge and understanding, as the concepts are built up in a hierarchical fashion. Experience has shown that the ability to think logically, good levels of more

Grade 9 subject choice selection

Choosing subjects in grade 9 shouldn’t be difficult if you are honest with yourself regarding your strengths, weaknesses, skills, interests and abilities.

The better you understand yourself, the more effective you will be, self knowledge and self evaluation are the key to your future and we suggest rather NOT jeopardize your grade more

Obami - Social learning website

Obami, a social learning website, is being used by hundreds of primary and secondary schools (city, township and rural based) across Southern Africa, as well as Europe and the United States. It is helping more than 30,000 educators, young people and their parents to connect, create, share and learn – all from within an incredibly secure more

MONASH South Africa

An institution of higher learning MONASH South Africa are committed to contributing to the consolidation of democracy, social justice, and the growth and development of the South African economy and the growth of Africa as a whole.  Monash South Africa are ready to educate and train graduates to work in fields where they will be more

A day in the life of a Pilot

A day in the life of a Pilot

Current Position:

Industry: Aviation
Company: British Airways/ Comair
Years in position: 10+ years

Degree/Courses Studied: Commercial Pilots Licence
Institution: Lanseria Flight Centre
Graduated: more

A day in the life of a Project Director

A day in the life of a Project Director

Current Position:
Project Director

Industry: Banking
Years in position: 10+ years

Degree/Courses Studied: MBA
Institution: Edinburgh Business School
Graduated: 2009

How I chose my career? more

A day in the life of a Business Development Director - Africa and IOI

 A day in the life of a Business Development Director - Africa and IOI

Current Position:
Business Development Director - Africa and IOI

Industry: Telco
Company: Samsung
Years in position: 1-2 years

Degree/Courses Studied: BA
Institution: more

A day in the life of a Head Coach FitTrack

 A day in the life of a Head Coach/FitTrack

Current Position:
Head Coach

Industry: Sport
Company: Fittrack
Years in position: 10+ years

Degree/Courses Studied: Sports Management
Institution: London International Business School more