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Career Navigator

Take the career guidance test to change your life!

Worried about what grade 10 subject to choose? Uncertain which tertiary qualification you should pursue? Looking for career guidance? You will never be successful in a job if you are either unhappy or not enjoying what you do. Take the career guidance self evaluation today.

Direct Benefits:

Immediate feedback
Links your orientations to career options
Crystallizes your career choices
Facilitates meaningful career guidance
Gives you career direction

Identify Jobs and determine qualifications

Career Navigator, an online subject and career guidance process, will help you navigate through the myriad of subject and career choices, to highlight the best career option to fit your individual strengths.

Using an online career guidance program you will be able to explore in more detail the careers that have been selected for you and the specific qualifications required.

Career NavigatorCAREER NAVIGATOR - is an online career guidance process. The process was developed by
Dirk Visser (MBL, Hons. Economics & Psychology) and guides you through a series of
questionnaires to identify your values, skills, interests and abilities. Bringing these 4
components together will highlight the best career options - in order of priority
- that best fit your strengths.

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